Pictures from the Goodwood Revival 2014… {Motorsport Photographers}

I’ve covered the Goodwood Festival of Speed many times now, but had never attended the Goodwood Revival, with or without cameras, so made plans to attend this fantastic event this year.

To quote Wikipedia, “the Goodwood Revival is a three-day festival held each September at Goodwood Circuit since 1998 for the types of road racing cars and motorcycle that would have competed during the circuit’s original period—1948–1966. Most people dress in period clothes. It is one of the world’s most popular motor race meetings and the only UK event which recreates the golden era of motor sport from the 1950s and 1960s.”

The sights and sounds at the Revival are quite simply mesmerizing and really do take you back in time. Unfortunately I could only make it down on the Saturday and Sunday, missing the Friday and next year would definitely plan to be there for all 3 days. Having never been to the Revival before I was definitely learning ‘on the job’ and would plan to do things a little differently in future.

A few from my time there……. (full set of images can be viewed on my website here and here)

Goodwood_Revival_2014_019 Goodwood_Revival_2014_034 Goodwood_Revival_2014_052 Goodwood_Revival_2014_131 Goodwood_Revival_2014_125 Goodwood_Revival_2014_095 Goodwood_Revival_2014_142 Goodwood_Revival_2014_141 Goodwood_Revival_2014_132 Goodwood_Revival_2014_153 Goodwood_Revival_2014_024 Goodwood_Revival_2014_050 Goodwood_Revival_2014_061 Goodwood_Revival_2014_066 Goodwood_Revival_2014_075 Goodwood_Revival_2014_077 Goodwood_Revival_2014_071 Goodwood_Revival_2014_093 Goodwood_Revival_2014_090 Goodwood_Revival_2014_073 Goodwood_Revival_2014_084 Goodwood_Revival_2014_053 Goodwood_Revival_2014_046 Goodwood_Revival_2014_044 Goodwood_Revival_2014_042 Goodwood_Revival_2014_040 Goodwood_Revival_2014_032 Goodwood_Revival_2014_030 Goodwood_Revival_2014_021 Goodwood_Revival_2014_022 Goodwood_Revival_2014_139 Goodwood_Revival_2014_145 Goodwood_Revival_2014_150 Goodwood_Revival_2014_151 Goodwood_Revival_2014_160 Goodwood_Revival_2014_165 Goodwood_Revival_2014_166 Goodwood_Revival_2014_161 Goodwood_Revival_2014_164 Goodwood_Revival_2014_162 Goodwood_Revival_2014_297 Goodwood_Revival_2014_264 Goodwood_Revival_2014_237 Goodwood_Revival_2014_216 Goodwood_Revival_2014_188 Goodwood_Revival_2014_006 Goodwood_Revival_2014_005 Goodwood_Revival_2014_503 Goodwood_Revival_2014_350 Goodwood_Revival_2014_393 Goodwood_Revival_2014_408 Goodwood_Revival_2014_416 Goodwood_Revival_2014_321 Goodwood_Revival_2014_341 Goodwood_Revival_2014_362 Goodwood_Revival_2014_370 Goodwood_Revival_2014_388




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