Shelsley Walsh – Classic Nostalgia….

Over the years I’ve been to a fair few motorsport venues, but never a Hill Climb event and never to Shelsley Walsh (which is the oldest motorsport venue in the world). That changed last Sunday with a visit to the ‘Classic Nostalgia‘ event that also featured a ‘Derek Bell Celebration’ which acknowledged the successes of the 5 time Le Mans winner.

Not having been to a Hill Climb event before I had no idea what to expect but soon realised what a great venue Shelsley Walsh is and what a top job the MAC (Midland Automobile Club) do there.

Accreditation sorted I probably spent my first two hours of the day trying to understand what was happening and coming up with a plan of attack whilst the cameras stayed in the car! I decided to spend the morning in the paddock and the afternoon on the ‘hill’. The day started with light rain but the sun soon appeared and blessed the event with glorious weather – which resulted in a hot and sweaty walk up the hill during the afternoon!

I had a thoroughly enjoyable few hours at Shelsley Walsh and would hope to make a return visit at some point in the future – I’d recommend you do the same.

My favourites from the day below, a few more are on my website here.

Click on any image for a larger view.

shelsley walsh photography_31 shelsley walsh photography_32 shelsley walsh photography_29 shelsley walsh photography_1 shelsley walsh photography_2 shelsley walsh photography_3 shelsley walsh photography_8 shelsley walsh photography_22 shelsley walsh photography_26 shelsley walsh photography_23 shelsley walsh photography_21 shelsley walsh photography_19 shelsley walsh photography_18 shelsley walsh photography_17 shelsley walsh photography_15 shelsley walsh photography_16 shelsley walsh photography_14 shelsley walsh photography_13 shelsley walsh photography_12 shelsley walsh photography_9 shelsley walsh photography_10 shelsley walsh photography_11 shelsley walsh photography_5 shelsley walsh photography_6 shelsley walsh photography_7 shelsley walsh photography_33 shelsley walsh photography_30 shelsley walsh photography_28 shelsley walsh photography_27 shelsley walsh photography_20 shelsley walsh photography_24 shelsley walsh photography_25 shelsley walsh photography_4





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