Race Of Champions – London 2015….

I was fortunate enough to secure media accreditation for this year’s Race Of Champions held at The Stadium at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in London last weekend.

This annual event brings together the world’s best drivers from a variety of disciplines of motorsport competition, from four wheels and two, and puts them head-to-head, on the track in identical machinery. On the Friday the drivers competed with a partner representing their country in the ROC Nations Cup, which was won by ‘tin-top’ stars Jason Plato and Andy Priaulx and on the Saturday the competition turns to individual competition with the drivers competing against each other on a knock-out basis through to the final. This year Formula 1 star Sebastian Vettel beat ‘Mr Le Mans’ Tom Kristensen in the final.

A few images from the weekend…. (A full set of images can be viewed here)

Race of Champions_London_2015_001 Race of Champions_London_2015_011 Race of Champions_London_2015_030 Race of Champions_London_2015_041 Race of Champions_London_2015_042Race of Champions_London_2015_036 Race of Champions_London_2015_035  Race of Champions_London_2015_027 Race of Champions_London_2015_017 Race of Champions_London_2015_016 Race of Champions_London_2015_013Race of Champions_London_2015_019 Race of Champions_London_2015_004Race of Champions_London_2015_002 Race of Champions_London_2015_007 Race of Champions_London_2015_008   Race of Champions_London_2015_020 Race of Champions_London_2015_029 Race of Champions_London_2015_022 Race of Champions_London_2015_028 Race of Champions_London_2015_012 Race of Champions_London_2015_003 Race of Champions_London_2015_006 Race of Champions_London_2015_005 Race of Champions_London_2015_015 Race of Champions_London_2015_026 Race of Champions_London_2015_025 2015-11-24_0001 Race of Champions_London_2015_044Race of Champions_London_2015_032 Race of Champions_London_2015_043 Race of Champions_London_2015_039 Race of Champions_London_2015_038

Race of Champions_London_2015_021-2

Race of Champions_London_2015_037

Race of Champions_London_2015_031

Race of Champions_London_2015_009


Race of Champions_London_2015_033

All images © Scott Dennis Photography

Race Of Champions – The Stadium at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park – ROC Nations Cup – Jason Plato – Andy Priaulx – Sebastian Vettel – Tom Kristensen


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