Silverstone Classic 2016 in pictures…..

Look at the Silverstone Classic website and you’ll be greeted by a banner that describes the 3 day event in July as – ”The world’s biggest motor racing festival”.

And it really is hard to argue with that claim – the first day this year saw a staggering 14 qualifying sessions take place with drivers from over 25 countries competing in more than 1,000 historic racing cars, from Grand Prix cars of the 1940’s, historic Formula 1 cars competing in the FIA Masters Historic Championship to Super Touring Cars from the glory days of British Touring Car Championship.

If that wasn’t enough of a field there were Group C prototypes, including the Leyton House liveried Porsche 962 (a favourite of mine), all gracing the Silverstone circuit along with cars from the Can-Am series celebrating the 50th anniversary of the first Can-Am race in North America.

When the circuit wasn’t filled with the sights and sounds of this incredible mix of historic cars ‘doing their thing’ racing, it played host to a number of parades to celebrate milestone anniversaries for manufacturers such as Porsche, Lotus and Lamborghini.

There is also much to see at the Silverstone Classic with over 10,000 privately-owned classic cars filling the infield representing owners clubs of all types.

However, the real action is most definitely on the track and it’s a real treat to see some of these cars racing as they were intended to be raced by their drivers, especially considering the impressive value of some of the cars competing.

Once the races are underway the competitive instincts take over and these ‘gentleman racers’ push their prized machinery to the limits. On occasion these limits are exceeded and cars spin and a little bit of ‘rubbing’ takes place, but thankfully these aren’t commonplace and in most cases the only thing hurt is pride.

I enjoyed what the Silverstone Classic had to offer for all three days this year – one day just isn’t enough! If you haven’t been, and I’m assuming if you’re reading this you have a small interest in historic racing – get yourself there next year!

Here’s a selection of my favourite images from my time there, I hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I did taking them… (a further gallery of larger images can be viewed here)


silverstone_classic_2016_135 silverstone_classic_2016_133 silverstone_classic_2016_202 silverstone_classic_2016_206 silverstone_classic_2016_155 silverstone_classic_2016_152 silverstone_classic_2016_153 silverstone_classic_2016_146 silverstone_classic_2016_134 silverstone_classic_2016_131 silverstone_classic_2016_126 silverstone_classic_2016_118 silverstone_classic_2016_121 silverstone_classic_2016_119 silverstone_classic_2016_120 silverstone_classic_2016_105 silverstone_classic_2016_100 silverstone_classic_2016_116 silverstone_classic_2016_125 silverstone_classic_2016_141 silverstone_classic_2016_138 _D310713 _D310981 _D328551 silverstone_classic_2016_110 silverstone_classic_2016_156 silverstone_classic_2016_168 silverstone_classic_2016_154 silverstone_classic_2016_169 silverstone_classic_2016_170 silverstone_classic_2016_171 silverstone_classic_2016_177 silverstone_classic_2016_178 silverstone_classic_2016_176 silverstone_classic_2016_179 silverstone_classic_2016_175 silverstone_classic_2016_174 silverstone_classic_2016_173 silverstone_classic_2016_172 silverstone_classic_2016_182 silverstone_classic_2016_180 silverstone_classic_2016_188 silverstone_classic_2016_189 silverstone_classic_2016_187 silverstone_classic_2016_186 silverstone_classic_2016_194 silverstone_classic_2016_205 2016-08-02_0004 silverstone_classic_2016_181 2016-08-02_0003 silverstone_classic_2016_183 silverstone_classic_2016_192 2016-08-02_0007 silverstone_classic_2016_196 silverstone_classic_2016_167 silverstone_classic_2016_166 silverstone_classic_2016_165 silverstone_classic_2016_164silverstone_classic_2016_147 silverstone_classic_2016_145
silverstone_classic_2016_149 silverstone_classic_2016_150 silverstone_classic_2016_143 silverstone_classic_2016_136 silverstone_classic_2016_137 silverstone_classic_2016_197 2016-08-02_0001 silverstone_classic_2016_203 2016-08-02_0010 silverstone_classic_2016_193 2016-08-02_0011 silverstone_classic_2016_195 silverstone_classic_2016_184 silverstone_classic_2016_144 2016-08-02_0006 silverstone_classic_2016_185 2016-08-02_0005 2016-08-02_0002 silverstone_classic_2016_157 silverstone_classic_2016_151 silverstone_classic_2016_162 silverstone_classic_2016_158 silverstone_classic_2016_161 silverstone_classic_2016_117 silverstone_classic_2016_104 silverstone_classic_2016_103 silverstone_classic_2016_113 silverstone_classic_2016_114 silverstone_classic_2016_115

Silverstone Classic Pictures – Silverstone Classic Images – 2016


  1. Nice pics! I like how you also have attention for the details and don’t just focus on just the cars.


    • Thank you. In an environment like the paddocks at the Silverstone Classic the photo opportunities are far better in my opinion.


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