Goodwood Revival – 2016

This year marked my third visit to the iconic classic motor sport festival that is The Goodwood Revival.

The 3-day event attracts some of the best, and costliest, historic racing motor cars and bikes in the world. They compete around the famous Goodwood Circuit in a series of different races.

Each year the Revival celebrates a historic event and this year it was the famous “They think it’s all over…” 1966 World Cup. The football theme was apparent at numerous times through the event and in keeping with the historical nature everyone attending is encouraged to dress in period costume which adds to the whole ‘nostalgic feel’ of the weekend.

Unfortunately my Revival experience this year was compromised by not being able to attend on the Friday. Saturday proved to be a complete washout in terms of the weather (not exclusively causing issues for me alone – obviously!).

However, notwithstanding the torrential rain on Saturday, I managed to get out and about on the Sunday in spite of most of my gear having suffered from ingesting too much water the day before!

A small selection of my favourites from what was clearly a challenging couple of days at the ‘wet & dry’ 2016 Revival…

goodwood-revival-2016_31 goodwood-revival-2016_14 goodwood-revival-2016_5 goodwood-revival-2016_8 goodwood-revival-2016_16goodwood-revival-2016_25 _d317282
goodwood-revival-2016_24 goodwood-revival-2016_22 goodwood-revival-2016_19 goodwood-revival-2016_17 goodwood-revival-2016_18 goodwood-revival-2016_6 goodwood-revival-2016_1 goodwood-revival-2016_2 goodwood-revival-2016_20goodwood-revival-2016_21 goodwood-revival-2016_10
goodwood-revival-2016_11 goodwood-revival-2016_29 goodwood-revival-2016_28 goodwood-revival-2016_12 goodwood-revival-2016_32 goodwood-revival-2016_33 goodwood-revival-2016_35 goodwood-revival-2016_34 goodwood-revival-2016_26 goodwood-revival-2016_27 goodwood-revival-2016_15 goodwood-revival-2016_13 goodwood-revival-2016_3 goodwood-revival-2016_23 goodwood-revival-2016_30

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