‘Innovation’ – something to be embraced and enjoyed no matter when it happened…

We have a DAB radio in our kitchen and I was watching my wife changing the station she was listening to using the remote control. To her the remote control is a bit of a waste of time as she keeps it on top of the radio, and doesn’t really value the function in life […]

Shelsley Walsh – Classic Nostalgia….

Over the years I’ve been to a fair few motorsport venues, but never a Hill Climb event and never to Shelsley Walsh (which is the oldest motorsport venue in the world). That changed last Sunday with a visit to the ‘Classic Nostalgia‘ event that also featured a ‘Derek Bell Celebration’ which acknowledged the successes of […]

Goodwood Festival of Speed 2015 – My favourite 25….

My seventh year working back at the Festival of Speed and it’s still difficult to take it all in – there’s so much activity going on all of the day and much of it happening at the same time – that it’s virtually impossible to cover everything. As in previous years I was commissioned by […]